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slag the fused residue of ore from which the metal has been separated by smelting. [3 definitions]
slain past participle of slay.
slake to satisfy or relieve (thirst, appetite, lust, or the like) by decreasing the strength or intensity of. [3 definitions]
slaked lime a powder produced by combining lime with water and used in mortars, plasters, and cements; calcium hydroxide.
slalom a downhill ski race back and forth around poles or gates marking the course. [2 definitions]
slam1 to shut (a door, lid, or the like) with force and loud noise. [6 definitions]
slam2 the winning of all, or all but one, of the tricks in one hand of a card game such as bridge or whist. [3 definitions]
slam-bang (informal) swiftly and recklessly. [6 definitions]
slam dunk in basketball, a forceful or dramatic dunk shot.
slam-dunk in basketball, to dunk (the ball) forcefully or dramatically.
slammer (slang) a prison.
slander a false statement or statements intended to injure someone's reputation or well-being, or the act of making such statements; defamation. [3 definitions]
slanderous characterized by or consisting of slander. [2 definitions]
slang words or phrases used in very informal speech that are typically more vivid, exaggerated, humorous, metaphorical, and short-lived than the standard vocabulary and usage. [3 definitions]
slangy of, relating to, or being slang. [2 definitions]
slant to incline at an oblique angle; slope. [7 definitions]
slant rhyme rhyme in which the sounds do not correspond exactly, such as "eyes" and "light", or "feet" and "ate"; imperfect rhyme.
slantwise on a slant; obliquely. [2 definitions]
slap a sharp blow, as with an open hand, that makes a cracking sound. [8 definitions]
slap around to strike (someone) repeatedly with slaps and sometimes other blows.
slapdash hastily and haphazardly. [2 definitions]