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slip1 to move easily, without any resistance. [18 definitions]
slip2 a cutting from a plant, intended for propagation. [4 definitions]
slipcase a protective boxlike case for books, with one end open.
slipcover a fitted removable covering for a piece of furniture.
slipknot a knot tied so that the loop can be easily expanded or pulled tight.
slip-on constructed so as to be easily put on and taken off. [2 definitions]
slipover a piece of clothing that is put on by pulling it over the head, such as a sleeveless sweater; pullover.
slippage the action of slipping. [2 definitions]
slipped disk a displacement or herniation of an intervertebral disk, which results in back pain or sciatica.
slipper any lightweight, low-heeled shoe that may be easily put on and taken off, esp. one to be worn indoors.
slippery having a slick surface that is difficult to move upon without sliding. [3 definitions]
slippery elm a North American elm that has fragrant, gum-secreting bark. [2 definitions]
slipshod carelessly done or constructed.
slip stitch a loose, continuous stitch, as on a facing or hem, in which the needle takes up only a few threads of the fabric so that it will be invisible on the outside.
slipstream the flow of air pushed backward by the movement of an aircraft propeller; backwash. [3 definitions]
slip-up (informal) an error; blunder.
slip up to make a serious or embarrassing error; blunder.
slit to cut a long straight line into or through. [3 definitions]
slither to move by twisting and sliding along a surface. [4 definitions]
slitless combined form of slit.
sliver a small, thin splinter, as of wood or glass, that has broken off. [2 definitions]