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slung past tense and past participle of sling1.
slunk a past tense and the past participle of slink.
slur to speak of disparagingly; belittle. [8 definitions]
slurp to make loud noises by taking in both air and liquid when drinking something or eating something like soup. [3 definitions]
slurry a thin suspension of an insoluble substance, such as clay, in water or another liquid.
slush snow that is partly melted. [4 definitions]
slush fund money raised for an undesignated purpose, as by office employees for miscellaneous expenses, or a fund that is used for illicit purposes, such as bribery. [2 definitions]
slut a sexually promiscuous woman, esp. a prostitute. [2 definitions]
sly devious or untrustworthy; sneaky. [3 definitions]
SM abbreviation of "sadism and masochism."
Sm symbol of the chemical element samarium.
smack1 a taste or slight hint of a flavor or the like. [4 definitions]
smack2 to hit noisily, esp. with the hand open; slap. [9 definitions]
smack3 a fishing boat with a sloop rig and a compartment for carrying the fish alive.
smack4 (slang) heroin.
smacker (slang) a dollar.
smacking brisk or vigorous; sharp; strong.
small relatively little in size, number, or amount. [9 definitions]
small arm (usu. pl.) a hand-held, low-caliber firearm, such as a pistol or rifle.
small calorie see "calorie."
small change coins of small denomination. [2 definitions]