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smileless combined form of smile.
smiley a small icon made of typed punctuation characters that resemble a smiling face, used in electronic communication to convey happiness, amusement, or other emotions; emoticon.
smirch to stain, spot, or dirty, as by smearing with something that discolors. [4 definitions]
smirk to smile in a self-satisfied, offensively knowing, or self-conscious way. [3 definitions]
smite to hit or strike with great force, esp. with or as if with the hand or a hand-held weapon. [6 definitions]
smith one who works in metals (often used in combination). [3 definitions]
smithereens (informal) small pieces or fragments; bits.
smithy the place in which a smith works, esp. a blacksmith. [2 definitions]
smitten struck or overcome by strong feelings of attraction, liking, or infatuation. [2 definitions]
smock a loose, light jacket, coat, or other similar garment, that is worn over clothing to protect it from soil or damage. [3 definitions]
smocking a type of embroidered needlework in which the fabric is stitched and gathered into a honeycomb pattern, or the stitches themselves.
smog a haze caused by the effect of sunlight on foggy air that has been polluted by vehicle exhaust gases and industrial smoke.
smogless combined form of smog.
smoke the visible, usu. black or gray gases or vapor emitted by a burning or smoldering substance. [12 definitions]
smokeable combined form of smoke.
smoke bomb a bomb that produces dense clouds of smoke upon detonation.
smoke detector a warning device that emits a loud signal when it detects the presence of smoke or heat.
smoked salmon salmon, usu. brine-cured, that has been smoked in preparation for consumption.
smokehouse a place, esp. an outbuilding on a farm, where meat or fish is cured with smoke.
smokeless having, making, or releasing little or no smoke.
smoke out to force out of a refuge by, or as if by, overwhelming with smoke. [2 definitions]