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smoothbore of a firearm, having a barrel with no grooves or ridges on the inner surface; not rifled. [2 definitions]
smoothen to make or become smooth.
smoothie a thick drink made in a blender using, typically, a mixture of fruit combined with ice, milk, or other liquid. [2 definitions]
smooth muscle the smooth, involuntary muscle tissue found in the internal organs and blood vessels, excluding the heart.
smooth-shaven without a beard or mustache; clean-shaven.
smooth-spoken speaking or spoken easily, pleasingly, or persuasively.
smooth-tongued speaking easily in a pleasing or, esp., glib manner.
smorgasbord a meal featuring an assortment of meats, fish, cheeses, and other foods, and served as a buffet.
smote past tense and a past participle of smite.
smother to stifle or kill by depriving of air; suffocate. [8 definitions]
smoulder variant of smolder.
smudge a dirty blot or mark; smear; stain. [6 definitions]
smudgy having blotches or smears of dirt or the like. [2 definitions]
smug offensively confident of or satisfied with oneself; complacent.
smuggle to import or export illegally, esp. without paying taxes or duties. [3 definitions]
smut a small piece of dirt or soot, or the smudge or mark made by it. [6 definitions]
smutch to smudge, make dirty, or stain. [2 definitions]
smutty obscene or indecent, as language or pictures. [2 definitions]
Sn symbol of the chemical element tin.
snack a light, informal meal, usu. eaten between meals. [3 definitions]
snack bar a counter or lunchroom where light meals or snacks are served.