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smoulder variant of smolder.
smudge a dirty blot or mark; smear; stain. [6 definitions]
smudgy having blotches or smears of dirt or the like. [2 definitions]
smug offensively confident of or satisfied with oneself; complacent.
smuggle to import or export illegally, esp. without paying taxes or duties. [3 definitions]
smut a small piece of dirt or soot, or the smudge or mark made by it. [6 definitions]
smutch to smudge, make dirty, or stain. [2 definitions]
smutty obscene or indecent, as language or pictures. [2 definitions]
Sn symbol of the chemical element tin.
snack a light, informal meal, usu. eaten between meals. [3 definitions]
snack bar a counter or lunchroom where light meals or snacks are served.
snaffle a horse's bit that has two bars with a center joint, and rings on either end to which the cheek strap and rein are secured. [2 definitions]
snafu (informal) an unpredictable or badly confused situation or occurrence (acronym for "situation normal, all fouled up"). [2 definitions]
snag a sharp or jagged projection upon which something can be caught or torn. [7 definitions]
snaggletooth a tooth that is crooked, broken, or growing out beyond the others.
snail any of various aquatic or land mollusks that have a spiral shell and a wide, muscular foot which propels them slowly. [2 definitions]
snail darter a small freshwater fish of the perch family that feeds on snails and is now almost extinct.
snake any of a number of long, narrow reptiles having scales but no limbs. [6 definitions]
snakebird an anhinga.
snakebite the bite of a snake, esp. a venomous one, or the effects it produces.
snake charmer an entertainer who controls snakes, esp. venomous ones, by rhythmic music and bodily movements.