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snail darter a small freshwater fish of the perch family that feeds on snails and is now almost extinct.
snake any of a number of long, narrow reptiles having scales but no limbs. [6 definitions]
snakebird an anhinga.
snakebite the bite of a snake, esp. a venomous one, or the effects it produces.
snake charmer an entertainer who controls snakes, esp. venomous ones, by rhythmic music and bodily movements.
snake dance a religious ceremonial dance of certain American Indians in which live snakes are imitated or handled, esp. in the biennial ceremony of the Hopi Indians. [2 definitions]
snake in the grass someone or something that seems harmless, but is actually treacherous.
snake oil any preparation that has no real medicinal value and is fraudulently sold as a cure for many ills.
snake pit a pit in which snakes are kept. [2 definitions]
snakeroot any of a number of plants whose roots are thought to remedy snakebites. [3 definitions]
snakeskin the skin of a snake, or leather made from this.
snaky pertaining to or characteristic of snakes. [4 definitions]
snap to break suddenly with a cracking noise. [21 definitions]
snap bean see "string bean."
snap-brim hat a hat with the crown creased lengthwise and a flexible brim, usu. turned down in front.
snapdragon a garden plant that is cultivated for its decorative, colorful spikes of flowers.
snapper any of numerous large sea fishes, such as the red snapper, that inhabit warm waters and are valued for food and sport. [2 definitions]
snapping turtle any of several large freshwater turtles with powerful hooked jaws and a rough shell.
snappish apt to speak impatiently or sharply; irritable. [2 definitions]
snappy quick, rapid, or sudden. [4 definitions]
snapshot a photograph taken with a small ordinary camera.