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snore to make loud, hoarse noises while sleeping, usu. caused by the vibration of the soft palate. [3 definitions]
snorkel a tube that is held in the mouth and extends above the surface of water, allowing a swimmer to breathe while slightly submerged. [3 definitions]
snort to breathe noisily and roughly by forcefully pushing air through the nose. [8 definitions]
snot (vulgar) nasal mucus. [2 definitions]
snotty soiled or covered with nasal mucus. [2 definitions]
snout the protruding front part of an animal's head that includes the nose and usu. the mouth and jaws. [2 definitions]
snout beetle any of several weevils having an elongated snout.
snow a frozen form of precipitation that falls as ice crystals formed into flakes. [8 definitions]
snowball a mass of snow that has been packed together into a ball for throwing in children's play or games. [4 definitions]
snowbank a mound or drift of snow.
snowberry a North American shrub of the honeysuckle family that bears pink flowers and white berries. [3 definitions]
snowbird a bird, such as the junco, commonly seen in snowy winters. [3 definitions]
snow-blind blinded, usu. temporarily, by bright sunlight reflected from snow.
snow blower a motorized snow-removal machine that is usu. guided by hand.
snowboard a fiberglass board resembling a large skateboard, with straps to secure the feet so that one can ride it downhill over snow standing up. [2 definitions]
snowboarder someone who rides a snowboard for recreation or in competition.
snowboarding the activity or sport of riding and manoeuvering a snowboard downhill over snow or inside specially designed tubes.
snowbound unable to move or travel because of a heavy snowfall.
snow bunting a small bird of cold northern regions with predominantly white feathers.
snowcap a caplike crown of snow, as on a mountain or ridge.
snow cone a confection served in a paper cone and made of crushed ice covered by flavored syrup.