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software any of the languages or programs, or instructions for using these, that are written for and used with a computer. (Cf. hardware.)
soft wheat a wheat that has a high starch content and yields a flour used in pastries, cereals, and the like. (Cf. hard wheat.)
softwood any wood that is soft and easy to cut, esp. the wood of a coniferous tree. [3 definitions]
softy (informal) someone who is sentimental and soft-hearted. [2 definitions]
soggy completely wet; heavy with moisture; saturated; sodden. [2 definitions]
soi-disant (French) characterizing or titling oneself thus; so-called.
soigné having elegance; fashionable. [2 definitions]
soil1 the uppermost layer of the earth's surface. [4 definitions]
soil2 to make unclean; dirty. [6 definitions]
soil conservation a method, such as crop rotation or contour farming, to protect fertile topsoil from erosion or other damage.
soil pipe a drainpipe that carries off waste matter, esp. from a toilet.
soiree a party or social gathering held in the evening.
sojourn to live for a short time in a place; stay temporarily. [2 definitions]
Sojourner Truth American evangelist, abolitionist, orator, and women's rights activist. An African American woman, Sojourner Truth had been enslaved before going on to become an evangelist as well as a moving and persuasive speaker on the subject of racial and gender equality; born Isabella Baumfree (b. 1797?--d. 1883).
Sol in Roman mythology, the god of the sun; Helios. [2 definitions]
sol1 in music, the syllable that denotes the fifth tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
sol2 a coin and monetary unit of France prior to the French Revolution, worth one-twentieth of a livre or twelve deniers.
sol3 the smaller monetary unit of Peru. (Cf. inti.)
sol4 a colloid that has the properties of a liquid. (Cf. gel.)
solace comfort or consolation in times of sorrow or suffering. [3 definitions]
solanum any of the vines, trees, and other plants of the nightshade family.