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solar cycle an eleven-year cycle of recurring sunspots and other solar phenomena.
solar day the period between one midnight and the following midnight. [2 definitions]
solar eclipse an eclipse of the sun, when, at a particular observation point, light from the sun is blocked by the interposition of the moon.
solar energy radiant energy from the sun or any form of energy that is produced using radiant energy from the sun.
solar flare a short intense outburst of solar gases, often near sunspots, accompanied by cosmic rays, x-rays, and magnetic storms.
solar furnace a furnace for heating, smelting, and the like, that uses a parabolic reflector to focus solar rays.
solar installer a person whose job is to install solar panels.
solarium a room or porch that is enclosed in glass to admit sunlight for relaxation or convalescence.
solarize to affect by exposing to sunlight. [3 definitions]
solar panel a set of connected photovoltaic cells, used esp. on a rooftop to convert sunlight into energy that can be used within a building.
solar plexus a network of nerves located between the stomach and aorta, supplying nerves to the abdominal organs. [2 definitions]
solar pond a pond with a top layer of fresh water and a bottom layer of dense hot salty water, used to trap solar energy for use in heating or to generate electricity.
solar power electricity or heat that is generated from sunlight.
solar-powered powered by electricity generated from sunlight.
solar still a system or apparatus for purifying salt water by distilling it through the use of solar energy.
solar system the Sun, its eight planets and their satellites, and all other bodies that orbit the Sun (prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]
solar wind the continuous stream of ionized particles emitted from the sun.
solar year see "astronomical year."
solatium compensation for damage or suffering, esp. legal compensation for emotional or mental suffering.
sold past tense and past participle of sell.
solder any of various alloys, usu. of lead and tin, that may be applied in a molten state to the juncture of metal edges to make a connection. [5 definitions]