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solatium compensation for damage or suffering, esp. legal compensation for emotional or mental suffering.
sold past tense and past participle of sell.
solder any of various alloys, usu. of lead and tin, that may be applied in a molten state to the juncture of metal edges to make a connection. [5 definitions]
soldering iron a tool with a pointed tip used to melt solder and apply it to metallic joints.
soldier a person who serves in the army, esp. an enlisted person as opposed to an officer. [3 definitions]
soldierly of, relating to, or fitting for a soldier.
soldier of fortune a military adventurer willing to serve any employer; mercenary. [2 definitions]
soldiery soldiers collectively or in a certain body. [3 definitions]
sole1 single and alone, not one among others; only. [2 definitions]
sole2 the undersurface of something that comes in contact with the ground, esp. the foot, a shoe, or the like. [2 definitions]
sole3 any of various marine flatfishes, esp. those used for food.
solecism a gross violation of convention in grammar, etiquette, or the like; impropriety.
solely without any others; alone. [2 definitions]
solemn serious or grave in appearance, sound, or mood. [3 definitions]
solemnify to make solemn or gravely serious.
solemnity the condition or quality of being grave or serious. [2 definitions]
solemnize to carry out the formalities of performance required by (an occasion). [3 definitions]
solenoid a coil of wire, usu. in spiral form, that produces a magnetic field when electricity flows through it. [2 definitions]
soleplate the underside or ironing surface of a clothes iron.
sole proprietor a single person who owns a business and legally bears responsibility for its debts and other financial obligations.
sole proprietorship a business that is owned by a single person who legally bears responsibility for its debts and other financial obligations.