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somnambulism walking about, and sometimes doing other things, while asleep; sleepwalking.
somniferous inducing sleep or drowsiness.
somniloquy the act or habit of talking in one's sleep.
somnolent sleepy or drowsy. [2 definitions]
son a person's male offspring, either natural or adopted. [4 definitions]
sonant having or producing sound. [4 definitions]
sonar a method for locating objects such as submarines underwater by means of transmitted and reflected sound waves (acronym for "sound navigation and ranging"). [2 definitions]
sonata a musical composition for one or more instruments, such as the piano or violin, usu. having several movements that contrast in tempo and mood.
sonata form a three-part musical form containing an exposition, the development, and a recapitulation, often concluded by a coda.
sonatina a sonata with short or simplified movements.
sonde any of various devices, esp. a radiosonde, sent aloft by rocket or balloon to measure atmospheric conditions.
sone a unit of loudness equal to the loudness of a sound of one kilohertz at forty decibels above the threshold of hearing of a listener.
son et lumière a dramatic presentation, or the technique of such, using special lighting effects and live or recorded narration or music, often presented at a historic site.
song a brief musical composition that is either intended to be sung or is able to be adapted for singing. [4 definitions]
song and dance (informal) an effort to persuade, mislead, or deceive by an elaborate or irrelevant explanation or story. [2 definitions]
songbird a bird that has a pleasant-sounding song or call. [2 definitions]
songfest an informal gathering for singing, often of folk songs; sing-along.
songless combined form of song.
Song of Solomon a book of the Old Testament, once attributed to King Solomon, that contains a collection of dramatic and lyrical love poems and has been the subject of many allegorical interpretations; Song of Songs; Canticle of Canticles.
songsmith (informal) a songwriter.
song sparrow a common North American songbird with streaked brownish plumage.