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sonobuoy a buoy that receives and amplifies underwater sound signals and transmits them by radio.
son of a bitch (slang, often vulgar) a hateful or despicable person or thing. [2 definitions]
Son of God Jesus Christ.
sonogram a visual representation of sound waves, esp. those reflected in an ultrasound examination.
Sonoran Desert an arid region of the American southwest and northwestern Mexico.
sonorant a voiced consonant regarded as a syllabic sound, as "l," "r," "w," or "y".
sonority the condition or quality of resonating or being sonorous.
sonorous having, producing, or being a loud, deep, or full sound; resonant. [3 definitions]
soon in a short time; shortly. [3 definitions]
sooner or later at some time in the future.
soot a fine black powder produced during burning, which collects on the insides of chimneys or is carried into the air in smoke. [2 definitions]
sooth truth; reality.
soothe to make less angry, pained, distressed, or the like; calm or comfort. [3 definitions]
soothing acting to ease pain, tension, or emotional distress.
soothsayer one who has or claims to have the ability to predict the future and foretell events; seer.
sooty covered, blackened, or dirty with soot. [2 definitions]
SOP abbreviation of "standard operating procedure."
sop a piece of bread or the like dipped or soaked in a liquid such as milk or gravy. [6 definitions]
sophism an argument that sounds reasonable but is actually fallacious. [2 definitions]
sophist (often cap.) any of a group of ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric and philosophy, known for their clever, though often specious, arguments. [2 definitions]
sophistic of or pertaining to sophists or sophistry. [3 definitions]