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sophism an argument that sounds reasonable but is actually fallacious. [2 definitions]
sophist (often cap.) any of a group of ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric and philosophy, known for their clever, though often specious, arguments. [2 definitions]
sophistic of or pertaining to sophists or sophistry. [3 definitions]
sophisticate one who is sophisticated. [3 definitions]
sophisticated having knowledge or experience of the world or of culture, esp. in connection with the manners and ways of adult society; not naive or simple; worldly-wise. [3 definitions]
sophistication the quality or condition of having worldly knowledge, elegant refinement, or technological complexity. [2 definitions]
sophistry a subtle, deceptive method of reasoning or arguing, involving statements that sound plausible but are actually false or fallacious. [2 definitions]
Sophocles a Greek dramatist (496?-406 B.C.).
sophomore a second-year student at a high school or college. [2 definitions]
sophomoric displaying intellectual pretentiousness or proud confidence about one's knowledge when actually poorly informed or immature.
-sophy knowledge or wisdom; science or study.
sopor an abnormally deep sleep; stupor; lethargy.
soporific causing sleep or sleepiness. [3 definitions]
sopping thoroughly wet; soaked.
soppy dripping wet; soaked. [2 definitions]
sopranino of or denoting a musical instrument that has a higher pitch than the soprano of its type. [2 definitions]
soprano the singing voice or part with the highest range. [4 definitions]
sora a small North American marsh bird with a short bill and gray-brown plumage.
sorbet a frozen dessert similar to a frappé; sherbet.
sorbic acid a white crystalline solid, found in the berries of the mountain ash or synthesized, used as a food preservative and fungicide and in drying oils.
sorbitol a sweet white crystalline alcohol, found in certain berries and fruits, used as a moistener in lotions and creams and as a sweetener.