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soubise a sauce made of onions and melted butter.
soubrette a pert, saucy, or flirtatious maidservant or lady's maid in a comic play or opera, or the actress or singer who plays such a role.
soubriquet variant of sobriquet.
souchong a black tea from China and nearby areas.
soufflé made light and airy by whipping and baking. [2 definitions]
sough to make a murmuring, sighing, or rustling sound. [2 definitions]
sought past tense and past participle of seek.
sought-after wanted by many people but not easy to obtain.
souk in Arab or Berber countries, an open-air marketplace.
soul the spiritual dimension of human beings, regarded by some religions as immortal, and viewed as distinct from the physical body. [8 definitions]
soul food items of food traditionally eaten by Black people of the rural U.S., such as collard greens, chitterlings, and ham hocks.
soulful expressive of or characterized by deep feeling or profound emotion.
soulless having no soul. [2 definitions]
soul mate a person, usu. of the opposite sex, with whom one has a strong intimate attachment based on shared interests, values, and the like.
soul music a type of music combining elements of Black gospel and rhythm-and-blues.
soul-searching the act or process of subjecting one's actions, motives, or moral character to close, thorough examination.
sound1 the sensation that results when the organs of hearing are stimulated by certain vibrations. [11 definitions]
sound2 free of defect, decay, or injury; healthy or in good condition. [6 definitions]
sound3 to measure the depth of (water), as with a weighted line. [6 definitions]
sound4 a body of water situated between two larger bodies of water or between an island and the mainland. [2 definitions]
sound barrier a hypothetical barrier to aircraft as they approach the speed of sound, suggested by the abrupt increase in aerodynamic drag near that velocity; sonic barrier.