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sound out to make an effort to read and pronounce a word by saying the sound of each of its letters or its letter combinations.
soundproof not able to be penetrated by most ordinary audible sounds. [2 definitions]
sound spectrogram a graphic representation of a sound's frequency, period, and intensity.
sound spectrograph an instrument that produces sound spectrograms.
soundtrack the narrow strip on motion-picture film that carries the sound recording. [2 definitions]
sound wave a longitudinal pressure wave in an elastic medium such as air, esp. one that is in an audible range.
soup a liquid food usu. consisting of small pieces of vegetables, meat, fish, or the like cooked in stock or water. [2 definitions]
soupçon a slight amount; trace.
soup du jour in a restaurant, the featured, or sometimes the only, soup served on a particular day.
soup kitchen a place where food such as soup is distributed for little or no charge to needy people.
soupspoon a spoon with a large bowl, used for eating soup.
soupy resembling or suggesting soup, esp. in texture or thinness; watery. [2 definitions]
sour having a tart or acid taste, like that of lemon juice or vinegar. [10 definitions]
sourball a round piece of hard candy that has a tart or sour flavor.
source the origin or cause of something. [4 definitions]
source book a document used as a primary source by those writing about a person, period, idea, or movement.
source language the computer language in which a program is originally written, and which must be converted into another language for use in a computer. [2 definitions]
sourceless combined form of source.
sour cherry a tree that bears white flowers and small tart red fruit. [2 definitions]
sour cream a thick cream that has been soured by lactic acid, used as an ingredient in soups, salads, and various other dishes.
sourdough fermented dough used instead of yeast to cause bread to rise.