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spacewoman a woman who travels in space, outside the earth's atmosphere; astronaut. [2 definitions]
spacey disoriented because of using a drug; spaced out. [2 definitions]
spacial variant of spatial.
spacing arrangement of objects and spaces within a given area.
spacious having ample space. [3 definitions]
Spackle trademark for a powder that forms a paste when mixed with water, used to smooth out wall cracks, holes, and the like before papering, painting, or other finishing work. [2 definitions]
spade1 a shovel-like digging tool with a long handle and a sturdy flat blade that can be pushed into the ground with a foot. [3 definitions]
spade2 a black figure shaped like a pointed leaf with a short stem, used on playing cards. [4 definitions]
spadework preparatory work for a project or activity. [2 definitions]
spadix a thick, fleshy spike that carries very tiny flowers, usu. surrounded by a sheathlike spathe, as in the calla.
spaghetti a form of pasta made in long thin strings, usu. served with a meat, tomato, or other sauce. [2 definitions]
spaghetti squash a large roundish squash, the flesh of which is a mass of long thin strands.
spaghetti strap a thin round shoulder strap on a woman's garment such as a party dress.
Spain a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula between Portugal and the Mediterranean Sea.
spallation a nuclear reaction in which bombardment of atomic nuclei with a high-energy projectiles results in the ejection of subatomic particles. [2 definitions]
Spam trademark for an inexpensive meat prepared from pork pieces and seasonings, usu. canned.
span1 the extent, stretch, or reach between two points or limits. [9 definitions]
span2 a pair of mules, horses, oxen, or the like, hitched and driven together.
spandex an elastic synthetic fiber used in girdles, swimsuits, exercise clothing, and the like.
spandrel in architecture, the roughly triangular space formed by the exterior curves of an arch or arches and the enclosing frame or overhead cornice.
spang (informal) quickly, squarely, or precisely.