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spareable combined form of spare.
spareribs a cut of pork that contains ribs and only a little meat.
sparid any of various fishes of a tropical and subtropical family that includes the porgies.
sparing careful or restrained, as in the use of money or goods; frugal; thrifty (often fol. by "in" or "of"). [3 definitions]
spark a fiery or brightly glowing particle thrown off by burning wood. [8 definitions]
spark chamber any of several devices using a great number of parallel, oppositely charged metal plates in an inert gas to detect subatomic particles, rays, or the like, which make trails of sparks between the plates.
spark gap a space between two electrodes in which an electrical discharge, or spark discharge, may occur.
sparkle to throw off or reflect little flashes or gleams of light; glitter. [9 definitions]
sparkler a person or thing that sparkles. [3 definitions]
sparkly highly reflective of light and appearing to emit flashes similar to sparks.
spark plug a device threaded into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine that produces sparks that ignite fuel. [2 definitions]
sparring partner a person who acts as a boxer's opponent in practice rounds.
sparrow any of various small songbirds that have brownish or grayish feathers and are common in many regions. [2 definitions]
sparrow hawk a small North American falcon; kestrel. [2 definitions]
sparse thinly scattered; not thick or dense; scanty.
Sparta a dominant city in the southern part of ancient Greece.
Spartan of or pertaining to ancient Sparta or its people, culture, or the like. [5 definitions]
spar varnish a hard waterproof varnish.
spasm a sudden uncontrolled contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. [2 definitions]
spasmodic concerning, resembling, or marked by a spasm or spasms; convulsive. [2 definitions]
spastic of, relating to, or afflicted by spasms.