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splint a thin piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to support and immobilize a broken or dislocated limb or joint. [3 definitions]
splinter a small sharp sliver of some rigid material, such as wood, glass, metal, or bone, that is broken off from a larger piece. [4 definitions]
splinter group a small group that separates from or acts apart from a larger group such as a political party or church.
split to divide (logs, rocks, or the like) sharply, esp. lengthwise or in layers. [16 definitions]
split decision in a boxing match, a final decision in which two of three official scorers agree on the winner.
split end in football, an end who lines up at a varying distance from the rest of the offensive line.
split hairs to make petty or needlessly fine distinctions.
split infinitive an infinitive in which a word or group of words, usu. an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between "to" and its following verb, as in "to easily succeed".
split-level of a house or apartment, having adjacent sections a half story above or below each other.
split pea a shelled and dried yellow or green pea that has been split in half and is usu. used in soup.
split personality a psychological condition in which a person displays two or more relatively distinct and complex personalities.
split second a fraction or part of a second; extremely brief time; instant.
split shift a work shift with two or more work periods divided by longer-than-usual breaks.
split the difference to make a compromise with someone. [2 definitions]
split ticket a ballot with votes that are cast for candidates of more than one party. [2 definitions]
splitting liable to cause a split or rupture; acute. [2 definitions]
split-up a breaking up or dividing into two or more parts, groups, or the like.
split up to end a personal relationship.
sploot of a mammal, to lie flat with the front side of the body on the ground or other surface and with hind legs and sometimes front legs spread out in full length, typically done for the purpose of cooling the body.
splotch an irregularly shaped blotch, spot, or stain. [3 definitions]
splotchy marked with splotches.