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splenetic of or pertaining to the spleen; splenic. [2 definitions]
splenic of, relating to, or affecting the spleen.
splice to join (pieces of film, tape, or the like) at the ends. [4 definitions]
splint a thin piece of wood, metal, or plastic used to support and immobilize a broken or dislocated limb or joint. [3 definitions]
splinter a small sharp sliver of some rigid material, such as wood, glass, metal, or bone, that is broken off from a larger piece. [4 definitions]
splinter group a small group that separates from or acts apart from a larger group such as a political party or church.
split to divide (logs, rocks, or the like) sharply, esp. lengthwise or in layers. [16 definitions]
split decision in a boxing match, a final decision in which two of three official scorers agree on the winner.
split end in football, an end who lines up at a varying distance from the rest of the offensive line.
split hairs to make petty or needlessly fine distinctions.
split infinitive an infinitive in which a word or group of words, usu. an adverb or adverbial phrase, comes between "to" and its following verb, as in "to easily succeed".
split-level of a house or apartment, having adjacent sections a half story above or below each other.
split pea a shelled and dried yellow or green pea that has been split in half and is usu. used in soup.
split personality a psychological condition in which a person displays two or more relatively distinct and complex personalities.
split second a fraction or part of a second; extremely brief time; instant.
split shift a work shift with two or more work periods divided by longer-than-usual breaks.
split the difference to make a compromise with someone. [2 definitions]
split ticket a ballot with votes that are cast for candidates of more than one party. [2 definitions]
splitting liable to cause a split or rupture; acute. [2 definitions]
split-up a breaking up or dividing into two or more parts, groups, or the like.
split up to end a personal relationship.