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squalene a hydrocarbon that occurs in sharks' livers and human fatty deposits and is an intermediate product in the formation of cholesterol.
squalid dirty or foul, as from neglect. [2 definitions]
squall1 a sudden , brief, powerful windstorm, usu. with rain, snow, or sleet. [3 definitions]
squall2 to cry out violently and harshly, as in fear or pain; scream. [2 definitions]
squalor living conditions that are filthy, or the state of being squalid.
squama a scale or scalelike part of an animal.
squamous resembling, composed of, or covered with scales.
squander to spend or expend (money, time, or effort) wastefully.
Squanto North American Indian who served as an English-speaking guide to English settlers and as an interpreter between these settlers, known as the Pilgrims, and members of the Wampanoag tribe (?--d.1622).
square a rectangle whose four sides are of equal length. [24 definitions]
square away to put in order; arrange properly.
square dance a lively dance in which couples form circles, squares, or other shapes and often execute steps or maneuvers as they are called out by the caller.
square-dance to perform the square dance.
square deal (informal) a fair, honest arrangement or deal, esp. a commercial transaction.
square knot a double knot with the free ends parallel to the standing parts.
squarely in a square form or fashion. [2 definitions]
square measure any system of units for measuring areas in squares, such as square inches or square meters.
square-rigged of a sailing vessel, outfitted with square sails.
square-rigger a square-rigged sailing ship.
square root a divisor of a number which, when multiplied by itself, equals that number.
square sail a four-sided sail rigged on a yard that is horizontal to the mast and athwart the keel of a sailing vessel.