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squiggle a short curvy or wiggly line or mark. [3 definitions]
squilgee a squeegee used on a ship.
squill the dried bulb of the sea onion, used as an expectorant and diuretic, or the plant itself.
squinch1 in architecture, an interior corner support, such as an arch or lintel supporting the weight of a spire.
squinch2 to screw up or contort (the face, nose, or the like). [4 definitions]
squint to partly close the eyelids. [6 definitions]
squint-eyed afflicted with strabismus. [2 definitions]
squire an English country gentleman. [6 definitions]
squirm to twist about; writhe; wriggle. [3 definitions]
squirrel any of various small to medium-sized tree-dwelling rodents that have a long bushy tail and gray or reddish brown fur. [3 definitions]
squirrel cage a cage, for a squirrel or other small animal, containing a drum that turns when the animal runs inside it. [2 definitions]
squirt to expel fluid in a thin jet; spurt. [8 definitions]
squirt gun a water pistol.
squish to make a splashing or spluttering sound when squeezed or walked on, as mud. [2 definitions]
squishy soft, wet, and easily squashed. [2 definitions]
sq. yd. abbreviation of "square yard," or "square yards."
Sr symbol of the chemical element strontium.
Sr. abbreviation of "Senior." [3 definitions]
Sra. (Spanish) abbreviation of "Seņora," a title equivalent to "Mrs." or "Madam."
Sri Lanka an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of India.
SRO abbreviation of "standing room only."