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Star Wars a popular science fiction saga based on a series of commercially-successful motion pictures, the first of which was released in 1977. [2 definitions]
stash to hide or store secretly (sometimes fol. by "away"). [2 definitions]
stasis the state of equilibrium or balance between opposing forces; motionlessness. [2 definitions]
-stat an instrument or agent that stabilizes or controls, as by keeping something at a set level. [2 definitions]
state the condition of a person or thing according to its characteristics or circumstances. [11 definitions]
stateable combined form of state.
statecraft the art of leading or governing a nation; statesmanship.
stated fixed; established. [2 definitions]
statehood the condition, position, or status of being a state, esp. of the United States.
statehouse the official meeting place of a state legislature; state capitol.
stateless having no official nationality.
stately grand or majestic. [3 definitions]
statement something stated; assertion; declaration. [3 definitions]
state of the art the ultimate level of advancement or development available in an object, process, or the like at a given time.
stateroom a private bedroom on a ship or train.
state's evidence evidence given by or for the state, esp. in criminal cases. [2 definitions]
stateside of, in, or toward the forty-eight contiguous states of the United States.
statesman a man who is experienced in government, esp. one who shows skill, wisdom, diplomacy, and leadership in dealing with public issues such as foreign policy.
state socialism the theory, doctrine, or practice of a planned economy controlled by the state and based on state ownership of major shipping lines, public utilities, and basic industries.
state sovereignty the right or power of a nation-state to govern itself, with independence from outside control. [2 definitions]
states' rights in the United States, all rights and powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution nor denied by it to the states.