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state socialism the theory, doctrine, or practice of a planned economy controlled by the state and based on state ownership of major shipping lines, public utilities, and basic industries.
state sovereignty the right or power of a nation-state to govern itself, with independence from outside control. [2 definitions]
states' rights in the United States, all rights and powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution nor denied by it to the states.
stateswoman a woman who is experienced in government, esp. one who shows skill, wisdom, diplomacy, and leadership in dealing with public issues such as foreign policy.
statewide occurring in or pertaining to all parts of a state. [2 definitions]
static without motion; fixed. [6 definitions]
static electricity electricity held or discharged by an insulated body.
statics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of mechanics dealing with stationary masses or bodies in a state of equilibrium.
station the spot or location normally occupied by a person or thing. [9 definitions]
station agent a person who manages a small railroad or bus station.
stationary not moving; still. [5 definitions]
stationary engineer a person who operates and maintains stationary engines, such as generators, and other mechanical equipment.
station break an interval, during or between radio or television program broadcasting, that allows a station or network to make announcements, identify itself, present commercials, or the like.
stationer one who sells stationery.
stationery writing paper, esp. that used for correspondence. [2 definitions]
station house a police or fire station.
stationmaster a person, usu. an official, in charge of a railroad station; station agent.
Stations of the Cross (sometimes l.c.) a sequence of fourteen representations marking significant incidents in the Passion of Jesus Christ, often set upon the walls of a church, esp. Roman Catholic. [2 definitions]
station-to-station designating a long-distance telephone call in which the caller is willing to talk with whomever answers. [3 definitions]
station wagon an automobile with one or two rows of folding or removable seats behind that of the driver, and a cargo area behind the rearmost seat that can be loaded through a tailgate.
statism the theory or practice of entrusting the control of economic policies, planning, and the like, to a centralized state government.