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statue a piece of art that is carved, molded, or assembled in three dimensions, often in the form of a human or animal.
Statue of Liberty a huge copper statue of a woman representing liberty, given to the United States by France and situated on an island in the New York City harbor.
statuesque having a graceful, beautiful, or dignified form; like a statue; tall and well-shaped.
statuette a small statue.
stature height of a body in the upright position, esp. a human body. [2 definitions]
status a person's position or rank in relation to others or in the view of others. [4 definitions]
status offender a person who commits an act that is prohibited for one of his or her legal status, such as that of being a minor or a convicted felon. "Status offender" often refers to a minor who commits an act that is not illegal for adults, such as an act of truancy or alcohol consumption.
status offense an act that is illegal when performed by people of a certain legal status, such as that of a minor or convicted felon.
status quo the existing state; conditions as they are at a given time.
status symbol a possession, habit, lifestyle, or practice regarded as a mark of social status, esp. of high status.
statute a law made by a legislature, as opposed to one established by the courts.
statute law a law enacted by legislative action. [2 definitions]
statute mile see "mile."
statute of limitations a statute limiting the period of time during which legal action may be taken on a certain issue.
statutory of or being a statute or statutes. [2 definitions]
statutory rape the crime of sexual intercourse committed with a female who is younger than the legal age of consent.
staunch1 variant of stanch1.
staunch2 unwaveringly firm or loyal. [2 definitions]
stave a narrow, usu. curved wooden strip used to make barrels, casks, or the like. [7 definitions]
stave off to keep at a distance; ward off. [2 definitions]
staves a plural form of staff1. [2 definitions]