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stay3 a heavy rope or wire used to make a ship's masts steady. [2 definitions]
staying power the ability to endure or last; endurance.
staysail a triangular sail that is set on a stay.
stay up to remain awake.
std. abbreviation of "standard."
Ste. abbreviation of "Sainte," (French) Saint.
stead the customary or designated place of a person or thing as occupied by a stand-in or substitute.
steadfast reliable; loyal. [2 definitions]
steadily in a regular, even, constant way.
steady firmly fixed in position; stable. [11 definitions]
steady state theory the cosmologic theory, no longer in favor, that new matter is continuously created, causing the universe to expand without requiring cycles of explosion and contraction. (Cf. big bang theory.)
steak a large, flat cut of meat or fish, esp. beef, that is usu. cooked by frying, broiling, or grilling. [2 definitions]
steakhouse a restaurant that regularly specializes in beefsteak dinners.
steak tartare raw ground beef mixed with onion, seasonings, and raw egg and eaten uncooked, sometimes as an appetizer; tartar steak.
steal to obtain possession of (the property of another) without permission or right, esp. in a forceful or furtive way. [9 definitions]
stealable combined form of steal.
steal one's thunder to gain the attention, praise, or applause that someone else expected to receive.
stealth secretive, surreptitious, or covert movement or procedure; sneakiness; furtiveness.
steal the show to unexpectedly get more attention than others, esp. by a brilliant performance in a play.
stealthily in a secretive or covert way in order not to be discovered; in secret.
stealthy done or acting in a secretive or covert way; sneaky; furtive.