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stellar of, pertaining to, or resembling a star or stars. [2 definitions]
stellate shaped like a star; radiating from the center.
stem1 the main axis of a plant, usu. above ground, from which branches, leaves, flowers, or fruits may arise. [9 definitions]
stem2 to stop the flow of; dam up; stanch. [5 definitions]
stem3 an upright, usu. curved beam at the bow of a nautical vessel, into which the side timbers are jointed. [2 definitions]
stem cell a type of undifferentiated cell found in embryos or bodies of multicellular organisms, which reproduces by division and has the potential to become a specialized cell, such as a brain, muscle, blood, or bone cell.
stemma in ancient Rome, a listing of the genealogy of a family; family tree. [2 definitions]
stemmed having a stem. [2 definitions]
stemware vessels for beverages or desserts, usu. made of glass or crystal, that are mounted on long, footed stems.
stem-winding wound by turning a knob attached to the end of a stem.
stench an unpleasant or foul odor; stink.
stencil a sheet of some material impervious to paint, inks, or the like out of which letters or a pattern has been cut, so that paint, ink, or the like can pass through to form a design on the underlying surface. [4 definitions]
steno a stenographer.
steno- narrow; small.
stenographer one who is proficient in shorthand, esp. one whose job is to take dictation.
stenography the technique or process of writing, esp. taking dictation or recording a proceeding in shorthand.
stenophagous consuming a very limited variety of foods. (Cf. euryphagous.)
stenosis in medicine, constriction or narrowing of a vessel, duct, tubular passage, or the like.
stenotherm an animal or plant able to survive only in a narrow temperature range. (Cf. eurytherm.)
stenotopic able to survive only in a narrow range of environmental conditions. (Cf. eurytopic.)
stenotype the symbols that represent the sounds, words, or phrases of phonetic shorthand. [2 definitions]