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stew in one's own juice to suffer the consequences of one's own actions.
stewpan a pan in which to stew food.
St. George's the capital of Grenada.
sthenic of a sturdy and muscular build.
stich a single line or verse, esp. of poetry.
stichomythia in ancient Greek drama, a dialogue between two characters usu. speaking alternating lines of verse.
stick1 a relatively long and thin piece of wood, esp. a stem or branch from a tree or shrub. [4 definitions]
stick2 to pierce or poke with a pointed object; stab. [19 definitions]
stick around (informal) to stay; not leave (often fol. by "for").
stickball a form of baseball played as on city streets using a rubber ball and a stick or broom handle.
stick by to remain loyal to.
sticker a paper label, patch, or sign with adhesive on the back side. [2 definitions]
sticker price the retail price designated by the manufacturer, as for a new automobile, which is customarily discounted before sale.
stick figure a conventional, rudimentary representation of a human figure drawn using a single straight line for the torso, straight lines for the limbs, and a circle for the head.
sticking point a position or point beyond which someone or something will not move. [2 definitions]
stick in one's craw to be unacceptable or intolerable.
stick-in-the-mud (informal) one who rejects or resists changes in activity or thinking.
stickle to argue stubbornly, esp. over trivial matters. [2 definitions]
stickleback any of various small fish with sharp spines on their backs, found mostly in northern fresh waters and sea inlets.
stickler one who insists strictly on the observance of or conformity to something (usu. fol. by "for"). [2 definitions]
stick one's neck out to take risks; expose oneself to criticism or harm.