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stick-to-itiveness (informal) unremitting perseverance or persistence.
stick to one's guns to stand firm in the face of opposition or attack.
stickup (informal) a holdup, esp. at gunpoint; robbery.
stick up (informal) to rob, esp. by threatening with a gun.
stickwork the use of a stick or sticks, or proficiency at such use, in an activity such as hockey or drum playing.
sticky tending to adhere when touched. [4 definitions]
sticky wicket a tricky or difficult situation.
stiff not easy to bend or flex; rigid. [13 definitions]
stiff-arm to shove (an opposing player, as in football) with one's arm held straight; straight-arm. [2 definitions]
stiffen to make or become stiff or stiffer.
stiff-necked having a rigid or inflexible neck. [2 definitions]
stifle to hold back; inhibit. [5 definitions]
stigma a long-lasting mark or stain on one's character or reputation, esp. of disgrace or reproach. [5 definitions]
stigmata the wounds on the crucified body of Jesus Christ. [3 definitions]
stigmatic of or concerning a stigma, mark, stigmata, or the like. [3 definitions]
stigmatism the condition of experiencing or being affected by stigmas or stigmata. [2 definitions]
stigmatize to label or brand as disgraceful or shameful. [2 definitions]
stilbite a glossy zeolite mineral containing calcium, aluminum, and sodium, often formed as sheaflike crystalline masses.
stile a set or series of steps for climbing over a fence or wall. [2 definitions]
stiletto a short dagger with a slender, tapering blade. [2 definitions]
still1 not moving; stationary. [14 definitions]