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stock option a right to buy or sell a certain amount of stock in a company within a specific period of time at a specific price.
stockpile a supply of items accumulated and maintained for future use. [3 definitions]
stockroom a room for storing a stock of goods or materials.
stock-still completely still; absolutely motionless.
stock up to keep or accumulate something for future use.
stocky thick, sturdy, and often short in stature; stout.
stockyard an enclosed lot for keeping livestock, usu. before they are slaughtered or shipped.
stodgy lacking imagination, liveliness, or interest; dull; colorless. [3 definitions]
stogy a long and thin, usu. cheap, cigar. [2 definitions]
stoic showing little or no reaction to painful or pleasant experiences; unmoved; impassive. [4 definitions]
stoical showing little or no emotion in reaction to painful or pleasant experiences; stoic.
stoicism the act or trait of showing little or no reaction to painful or pleasant experiences; impassiveness. [2 definitions]
stoke to add to and stir up the fuel of (a fire or furnace). [2 definitions]
stokehold the area on a ship where the furnaces or boilers are stoked; fire room.
stokehole the hole in a furnace through which the fire is stoked. [2 definitions]
stoker a person who fuels and tends to a furnace. [2 definitions]
stole1 past tense of steal.
stole2 a woman's long, scarflike garment of fur or cloth. [2 definitions]
stolen past participle of steal.
stolid neither feeling nor showing much range of emotion; impassive.
stollen a sweet yeast bread, usu. containing chopped nuts, raisins, and bits of citron.