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stopple a stopper or plug, as for a bottle. [2 definitions]
stop street a street having one or more intersections at which vehicles must come to a complete stop before continuing through the intersection.
stop-time in jazz, a technique wherein the rhythm instrumentalists stop playing to allow a soloist to continue for a time.
stopwatch a watch that can be stopped and started instantly.
storable capable of remaining fresh or useful during long periods in storage. [2 definitions]
storage the act of storing or state of being stored. [4 definitions]
storage battery a group of two or more storage cells.
storage cell a cell that may be recharged by passing an electric current through it in the direction opposite to the flow of current it discharges.
store a place where merchandise is sold. [7 definitions]
storefront the part of a store that faces a street and usu. has display windows. [3 definitions]
storehouse a building or space where goods are stored; warehouse. [2 definitions]
storekeeper a person who owns or operates a retail shop or small store. [2 definitions]
storeroom a storage room for inventory, supplies, or equipment.
storied1 famous or recorded in legends or history.
storied2 having a particular number of stories or floors (usu. used in combination).
stork a wading bird with long legs, neck, and bill. [2 definitions]
storm a turbulent condition of the atmosphere, usu. accompanied by rain, snow, thunder, or lightning. [8 definitions]
stormbound detained, delayed, or cut off from communication by storms.
storm cellar a cellar or underground room used for refuge or safety during severe storms.
storm door an outer door added to protect the regular entrance door from bad weather.
storm petrel any of several small sea birds that have black or brown plumage, esp. one of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean areas; stormy petrel.