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stringer a person or object that strings. [2 definitions]
stringhalt a nerve disorder of horses that causes one or both hind legs to jerk or flex spasmodically at a walk.
stringless combined form of string.
stringpiece a long, usu. horizontal timber that supports or strengthens a framework.
string quartet an ensemble of four musicians playing on stringed instruments such as the cello, viola, violin, or double bass. [2 definitions]
string tie a very narrow necktie, usu. tied in a bow.
stringy having a resemblance to a string or strings. [2 definitions]
strip1 to remove the outer covering or clothing from (something). [7 definitions]
strip2 a long, narrow piece or area of mostly uniform width. [3 definitions]
stripe1 a relatively long, narrow band or strip distinguished from the surrounding area or surface by color, texture, or the like. [5 definitions]
stripe2 a stroke or lash made with a whip or similar object, usu. inflicted as punishment.
striped bass a silvery North American food and game fish with blackish stripes on each side.
striper the striped bass.
stripling a male adolescent; youth.
strip mining an open-cut method of mining, esp. for coal, in which the rock and earth covering a mineral deposit, usu. near the surface, are removed by bulldozing.
stripper someone or something that strips. [2 definitions]
strip-search to require (a person such as a prisoner or suspect) to remove all clothing and be searched. [2 definitions]
strip steak a cut of boneless porterhouse.
striptease a form of entertainment in which a performer disrobes to the accompaniment of music. [2 definitions]
stripy having or marked with stripes; striped.
strive to try or work hard; exert oneself. [2 definitions]