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studding the supporting framework of a wall or partition, or the posts used for this purpose; studs collectively. [2 definitions]
studdingsail a light auxiliary sail that is set outside a working sail on an extensible boom, usu. in fair weather.
student a person enrolled in an educational institution or is taking lessons privately. [2 definitions]
student teacher a college student in training to become a teacher who teaches in an elementary or secondary school under close supervision, usu. to fulfill a requirement for a degree in education; practice teacher.
studhorse a stallion reserved for breeding.
studied revealing conscious and deliberate effort; not natural or spontaneous. [2 definitions]
studio the workroom or workshop of an artist. [5 definitions]
studio couch an upholstered couch, usu. backless, that can be converted into a bed, often by sliding out a spring frame from underneath.
studious characterized by devotion to study. [2 definitions]
stud poker a variety of poker in which the first round of cards is dealt face down, and the next four rounds are dealt face up, with betting following each of these open rounds. [2 definitions]
study the act or process of using the mind to gain knowledge. [12 definitions]
study hall a period of time during a student's school day that is officially designated for study or quiet work. [2 definitions]
stuff material or matter; substance. [10 definitions]
stuffed animal a soft toy made in the shape of an animal, filled with material such as synthetic or natural fibers, small beans, or tiny plastic pellets.
stuffed shirt (informal) a smug, pompous, self-satisfied, or inflexible person.
stuffing the act of packing, cramming, padding, or the like. [2 definitions]
stuffless combined form of stuff.
stuffy having insufficient or stale air, as a room. [3 definitions]
stultify to render worthless or useless; cripple or nullify.
stumble to trip or lose one's balance in walking or running. [6 definitions]
stumbling block an obstacle, hindrance, or difficulty in the way of obtaining progress, belief, or understanding.