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stupidity (often derogatory) the condition of being dull or slow in intelligence. [2 definitions]
stupor a state of unconsciousness, insensibility, or torpor. [2 definitions]
sturdy strong, hardy, or robust, as a person, tree, or house. [3 definitions]
sturgeon any of various large fish with hard, smooth scales, found in fresh and salt waters of the Northern Hemisphere, and valued for their edible flesh and roe, which is a source of caviar.
stutter to speak with involuntary blocking or repetition of sounds, as if unable to complete or begin certain words. [5 definitions]
sty1 a pen for swine; pigpen. [2 definitions]
sty2 a small, swollen inflammation on the edge of the eyelid.
Stygian of or relating to the river Styx or the underworld. [3 definitions]
style the manner in which something is said or done. [9 definitions]
stylebook a book containing usage rules and examples for punctuation, grammar, typography, and the like, used esp. by writers, editors, and printers. [2 definitions]
styleless combined form of style.
stylish following the current fashion; chic.
stylist a consultant or designer, esp. in the areas of fashion, beauty, or interior design. [2 definitions]
stylistic of, relating to, or concerned with style.
stylite formerly, any of a group of Christian ascetics who lived on the tops of high pillars.
stylize to cause to conform to a specific style, especially one that alters reality in an artistic way. [2 definitions]
stylus a pointed instrument used for writing, or for cutting, engraving, or punching writing or tracing on or into a surface. [2 definitions]
stymie throw an obstacle in the way of (something or someone); impede; thwart. [3 definitions]
styptic causing contraction of tissues and blood vessels; capable of checking bleeding. [2 definitions]
styptic pencil a short, firm stick of some astringent compound, often alum, used to stop the bleeding of small nicks or cuts, such as those received while shaving.
styrene a clear or yellowish aromatic liquid that polymerizes easily, used esp. in the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and plastics.