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sturgeon any of various large fish with hard, smooth scales, found in fresh and salt waters of the Northern Hemisphere, and valued for their edible flesh and roe, which is a source of caviar.
stutter to speak with involuntary blocking or repetition of sounds, as if unable to complete or begin certain words. [5 definitions]
sty1 a pen for swine; pigpen. [2 definitions]
sty2 a small, swollen inflammation on the edge of the eyelid.
Stygian of or relating to the river Styx or the underworld. [3 definitions]
style the manner in which something is said or done. [9 definitions]
stylebook a book containing usage rules and examples for punctuation, grammar, typography, and the like, used esp. by writers, editors, and printers. [2 definitions]
styleless combined form of style.
stylish following the current fashion; chic.
stylist a consultant or designer, esp. in the areas of fashion, beauty, or interior design. [2 definitions]
stylistic of, relating to, or concerned with style.
stylite formerly, any of a group of Christian ascetics who lived on the tops of high pillars.
stylize to cause to conform to a specific style, especially one that alters reality in an artistic way. [2 definitions]
stylus a pointed instrument used for writing, or for cutting, engraving, or punching writing or tracing on or into a surface. [2 definitions]
stymie throw an obstacle in the way of (something or someone); impede; thwart. [3 definitions]
styptic causing contraction of tissues and blood vessels; capable of checking bleeding. [2 definitions]
styptic pencil a short, firm stick of some astringent compound, often alum, used to stop the bleeding of small nicks or cuts, such as those received while shaving.
styrene a clear or yellowish aromatic liquid that polymerizes easily, used esp. in the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and plastics.
Styrofoam trademark for a firm, lightweight polystyrene used in various forms for insulation, packaging, and the like.
Styx in Greek mythology, the river in the underworld across which the souls of the dead are ferried.
suasion the act or an instance of persuading or convincing.