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subclan combined form of clan.
subclass a division or subdivision of a class. [2 definitions]
subclavian located beneath the clavicle. [4 definitions]
subclinical of a disease or deficiency, having symptoms too mild to be detected by physical examination or clinical tests.
subcluster combined form of cluster.
subcollection combined form of collection.
subcollege combined form of college.
subcollegiate combined form of collegiate.
subcolony combined form of colony.
subcommission combined form of commission.
subcommittee a committee appointed or delegated, usu. for some limited or special purpose, from the membership of the main committee.
subcompact an automobile smaller in size than a compact.
subcomponent combined form of component.
subconscious designating those mental activities that are beyond one's awareness. [2 definitions]
subcontinent a large, partly separate land mass forming part of a continent.
subcontract a contract to supply a part of the goods or services necessary to carry out a prior contract made by another agent, as in building, manufacturing, and other industries. [2 definitions]
subcontractor an individual or company engaged by a contractor to fulfill some or all of the commitments made by that contractor.
subcordate combined form of cordate.
subcounty combined form of county.
subcritical in physics, pertaining to a value, quantity, or state of a radioactive material that is less than critical. [2 definitions]
subcult combined form of cult.