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subcutaneous situated or placed under the skin.
subdeacon a member of the clergy who ranks just below a deacon.
subdeb (informal) subdebutante.
subdebutante a girl who is not quite old enough to make her formal debut into society or who has not yet made that debut.
subdepartment combined form of department.
subdevelopment combined form of development.
subdialect combined form of dialect.
subdirector combined form of director.
subdiscipline combined form of discipline.
subdistrict combined form of district.
subdivide to make smaller divisions in (something already divided). [3 definitions]
subdivision an area of land divided into lots for building and development. [3 definitions]
subdominant a species that is important in an ecological community but has less influence than the dominant species. [3 definitions]
subduction the process by which a lithospheric plate moves sideways and downward into the mantle beneath a neighboring plate.
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory. [4 definitions]
subdued restrained in emotion, spirit, or intensity.
subeconomy combined form of economy.
subemployed of or designating workers who are unemployed, underemployed, or paid wages that are too low to subsist on.
suberect combined form of erect.
subfamily a biological classification of related organisms ranked between a family and a genus. [2 definitions]
subframe combined form of frame.