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subdominant a species that is important in an ecological community but has less influence than the dominant species. [3 definitions]
subduction the process by which a lithospheric plate moves sideways and downward into the mantle beneath a neighboring plate.
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory. [4 definitions]
subdued restrained in emotion, spirit, or intensity.
subeconomy combined form of economy.
subemployed of or designating workers who are unemployed, underemployed, or paid wages that are too low to subsist on.
suberect combined form of erect.
subfamily a biological classification of related organisms ranked between a family and a genus. [2 definitions]
subframe combined form of frame.
subfreezing of a temperature, below the freezing point.
subgeneration combined form of generation.
subgenre combined form of genre.
subgoal combined form of goal.
subgovernment combined form of government.
subgroup a group with its own distinguishing features within a larger group; division; subset.
subgum of or designating various Chinese-American dishes prepared with mixed vegetables such as water chestnuts, mushrooms, and bean sprouts.
subhead a subheading.
subheading the heading or title of a section or subdivision of a printed text. [2 definitions]
subhuman less than human in evolutionary development.
subhumid combined form of humid.
subindex an index to a subdivision of a main or larger category. [2 definitions]