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subsistence the act, fact, or state of subsisting. [2 definitions]
subsite combined form of site.
subskill combined form of skill.
subsociety combined form of society.
subsoil the layer of earth or weathered material lying just beneath the surface soil.
subsonic below an audible level; infrasonic. [2 definitions]
subspecialist combined form of specialist.
subspecialize combined form of specialize.
subspecialty combined form of specialty.
subspecies a subdivision of a plant or animal species that shows differences from others of the same species, as a result of difference in geographical location or time period.
substance that of which something is made; matter. [6 definitions]
substance abuse habitual or harmful use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that cause heightened mood or loss of inhibition, and which are usually addictive.
substanceless combined form of substance.
substandard below or short of the expected or required standard. [2 definitions]
substantial having physical substance; solid; concrete. [8 definitions]
substantially with great or strong substance; solidly; strongly. [2 definitions]
substantiate to establish or support by providing proof or evidence. [3 definitions]
substantive having an independent existence or character. [4 definitions]
substate combined form of state.
substation a subsidiary station or office, as of the post office or of a power distribution network.
substitute a person or thing that takes the place of another. [5 definitions]