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subtropics the regions bordering on the tropics.
subtype combined form of type.
subunit combined form of unit.
suburb a residential area or community located just outside a city or town.
suburban of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a suburb or suburbs. [2 definitions]
suburbanite a person who lives in a suburb.
suburbia suburbs and the people who inhabit them. [2 definitions]
subvariety combined form of variety.
subvassal combined form of vassal.
subvention a grant of financial aid or relief by a government or other official source; subsidy. [2 definitions]
subversion the act or an instance of undermining or overthrowing, esp. an established government. [2 definitions]
subversive tending or intended to undermine or cause the overthrow of an established authority, esp. a national government. [2 definitions]
subvert to overthrow or destroy, or cause the destruction of (an established authority, esp. a national government). [2 definitions]
subvisible combined form of visible.
subvisual combined form of visual.
subway an underground passenger train or rail system, usu. electric, operating in a large metropolitan area. [3 definitions]
subworld combined form of world.
subwriter combined form of writer.
subzero combined form of zero.
subzone combined form of zone.
suc- under.