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suckling a young child or animal that has not yet been weaned.
sucrase an enzyme that stimulates the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose; invertase.
Sucre the nominal capital of Bolivia. (Cf. La Paz.)
sucre the chief monetary unit of Ecuador, equaling one hundred centavos.
sucrose the type of sugar obtained from sugar beets and sugar cane.
suction the act or process of sucking. [4 definitions]
suction pump a pump that draws up liquid by means of the vacuum created by the motion of a piston.
suctorial developed or adapted for suction or sucking, or having sucking organs.
Sudan a country in northeastern Africa, south of Egypt. [2 definitions]
Sudan grass a tall, annual sorghum grass grown for pasture and hay.
sudatorium a hot-air bath or room used to induce sweating.
sudden occurring without notice or warning; unforeseen. [2 definitions]
sudden death a type of overtime period in various sports, such as hockey and football, following a tie score at the end of the regulation playing time, in which the first team to score wins the game; sudden-death overtime.
sudden infant death syndrome the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant, usu. occurring within the first year of life, and usu. occurring in the infant's sleep; crib death.
suddenly abruptly or rapidly and often unexpectedly.
sudoriferous secreting, conveying, or producing sweat.
sudorific causing or increasing sweat, as a medication. [2 definitions]
suds water mixed with soap or detergent, or the foam that is thus created; soapsuds. [2 definitions]
sudsless combined form of suds.
sudsy covered with, full of, or resembling suds.
sue to start a legal claim against; prosecute in a civil court. [3 definitions]