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sufficient enough; adequate.
sufficient condition something whose existence guarantees the existence or occurrence of something else.
sufficiently to a great enough degree; adequately; enough.
suffix in grammar, an affix that is added to the end of a word, such as "-ed" in "wanted" or "-ment" in "entertainment". [3 definitions]
suffocate to kill by not allowing to take in oxygen; smother. [6 definitions]
suffragan assisting or auxiliary to a bishop or archbishop. [2 definitions]
suffrage the right to vote in a political election, or the exercise of this right. [2 definitions]
suffragette formerly, a woman who strongly advocated the right of women to vote.
suffragist someone who advocates extending suffrage, esp. to women.
suffuse of a color, liquid, or the like, to spread throughout or across the surface of.
Sufi a member of an ascetic, contemplative Muslim sect that was founded in Persia in the eighth century.
sug- under.
sugar a sweet crystalline substance obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and widely used as a flavoring, preservative, and fermenting agent; sucrose. [8 definitions]
sugar beet a widely grown variety of beet that has a white root and is rich in sugar.
sugarbush a grove or orchard of maple trees, used as a source of maple syrup or maple sugar.
sugar cane a tall perennial grass of tropical and subtropical regions that has a stout, jointed stalk and is the principal source of sugar.
sugarcoat to cover with a layer of sugar. [2 definitions]
sugar-cured of meats, esp. ham, cured with a mixture of sugar, salt, and nitrate or nitrite.
sugar daddy (informal) a wealthy older man who lavishes money and expensive gifts on a usu. attractive young woman in return for companionship and intimacy.
sugar diabetes see "diabetes mellitus."
sugar-free used to describe food products containing less than 0.5 grams per serving of sucrose or other forms of sugar.