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sulfur dioxide a colorless, suffocating gas produced by the combustion of sulfur, used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and for other industrial purposes.
sulfureous of, resembling, or composed of sulfur. [2 definitions]
sulfuret see "sulfide." [2 definitions]
sulfuric of, pertaining to, or containing a certain proportion of sulfur.
sulfuric acid a corrosive acid, usu. made from sulfur dioxide, that is used to make products such as chemicals, paints, and explosives.
sulfurize to use sulfur or a sulfur derivative on or with, esp. in disinfecting, fumigating, or bleaching.
sulfurous of, pertaining to, or containing sulfur. [3 definitions]
sulfurous acid an acid with a suffocating aroma of sulfur, occurring in solution with water or in salt form and used as a bleach, disinfectant, and reagent.
sulfur oxide any of several oxides of sulfur.
sulfury of, resembling, or characteristic of sulfur. [2 definitions]
sulk to express resentment or bad humor by remaining sullenly silent or aloof. [3 definitions]
sulky in a sullen, bad-tempered mood, esp. for no good reason. [4 definitions]
sullage refuse, waste, or sewage. [2 definitions]
sullen silently indicating resentment or bad temper. [3 definitions]
sully to make dirty or tarnished. [2 definitions]
sulphur variant of sulfur.
sulphur-bottom the blue whale.
sultan the ruler of an Islamic country. [2 definitions]
sultana the mother, sister, wife, or daughter of a sultan. [3 definitions]
sultanate the office or authority of a sultan. [2 definitions]
sultry uncomfortably hot and humid. [2 definitions]