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sun deck a platform, porch, ship's deck, or the like used for sunbathing.
sunder to tear, force, or break apart; divide. [2 definitions]
sundew any of various small marsh plants having sticky hairs that trap insects for food.
sundial an apparatus with a projecting shaft or style that projects a shadow onto a flat circular disk and thus shows the approximate time of day.
sun disk an ancient Near Eastern religious symbol representing the sun god and consisting of a disk and two serpents flanked by a pair of outstretched wings. [2 definitions]
sundog see "parhelion."
sundown the time when the sun sinks below the horizon; sunset.
sundress an informal, lightweight dress that exposes shoulders, arms, and back, typically worn in hot weather.
sundries small, inexpensive things of various kinds.
sundry of various kinds; miscellaneous.
sunfast of a fabric or color, resistant to fading by sunlight.
sunfish any of several small, brightly colored, American freshwater fish having flat, roughly circular bodies, such as the bluegill. [2 definitions]
sunflower any of several tall plants bearing large, yellow, roughly sun-shaped flowers with edible seeds in the center.
sung past participle and a past tense of sing.
sunglasses a pair of eyeglasses with dark-colored lenses to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.
sun god a personification of the sun, worshiped as a god. [2 definitions]
sunk a past tense and past participle of sink.
sunken a past participle of sink. [4 definitions]
sunlamp a lamp that produces ultraviolet light, used to get a suntan and in therapeutic treatments.
sunless lacking sunlight; dark. [2 definitions]
sunlight the light of the sun; sunshine.