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sunshine the bright light of the sun unobstructed by clouds. [4 definitions]
sunshine law any law that obligates a government body to make its meetings and records accessible to the public.
sunspot one of the dark, recurring patches that are sometimes seen on the sun's surface and that affect the earth's magnetic fields.
sunstroke convulsions or a sudden inability to feel or move, brought on by overexposure to the sun or to excessive heat; insolation; heatstroke.
sunsuit an article of clothing consisting of shorts and a halter top, worn by children to play in, esp. in summer.
suntan an increased brownness of the skin as a result of exposure to strong sunlight or a sun lamp.
sunup the approximate time of sunrise.
sunward to or toward the sun. [2 definitions]
sunwise in the direction of the apparent motion of the sun; left to right, or clockwise.
sup1 to have supper; dine in the evening.
sup2 to take small amounts of (liquid or food) into the mouth. [2 definitions]
sup- under.
super (informal) a superintendent, as of a building. [6 definitions]
super- above; over. [3 definitions]
superable able to be dealt with or overcome.
superabound to be unusually or greatly abundant.
superabsorbent combined form of absorbent.
superabundant very plentiful; more than enough.
superachiever combined form of achiever.
superactivity combined form of activity.
superaddition combined form of addition.