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supermarket a large, self-service store carrying a wide variety of food and household items.
supermasculine combined form of masculine.
supermassive combined form of massive.
super middleweight a boxer in the weight class between middleweight and light heavyweight.
supermilitant combined form of militant.
supermillionaire combined form of millionaire.
supermind combined form of mind.
superminister combined form of minister.
supermodel combined form of model.
supermodern combined form of modern.
supermom combined form of mom.
supernal of or pertaining to heaven or the sky; celestial. [2 definitions]
supernation combined form of nation.
supernational combined form of national.
supernatural of, pertaining to, or caused by forces separate from or superior to what are considered natural laws. [4 definitions]
supernaturalism belief in supernatural forces or beings that can intercede or interfere in human events. [2 definitions]
supernaturalize to make, think of, or treat (something) as supernatural.
supernormal far above the norm or average. [2 definitions]
supernova a rare and very bright object that results from the explosion of a star.
supernumerary more than is usual or needed; excessive or superfluous. [3 definitions]
supernutrition combined form of nutrition.