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supernumerary more than is usual or needed; excessive or superfluous. [3 definitions]
supernutrition combined form of nutrition.
superorder a taxonomic category more extensive than an order but less extensive than a subclass.
superordinate of a higher kind, rank, degree, or the like. [3 definitions]
superorganic combined form of organic.
superorganism a colony of individuals, as of the social insects, that acts as a unit, into which the individuals are closely integrated.
superovulation the release of a larger number of eggs than normal, esp. when artificially induced by hormone injection.
superpatriot a person who is or professes to be extremely patriotic, esp. to the point of excess or fanaticism.
superpatriotic combined form of patriotic.
superpatriotism combined form of patriotism.
superperson combined form of person.
superpersonal combined form of personal.
superphenomenon combined form of phenomenon.
superphosphate a fertilizer made by treating phosphate rock with sulfuric acid.
superphysical above, beyond, or exceeding the physical; hyperphysical.
superplasticity the quality of stretching to unusually great lengths without breaking, as shown by certain metals at high temperatures.
superplayer combined form of player.
superpolite combined form of polite.
superpose to lay or place above or upon something else.
superpower a country with great international power and influence, esp. one that dominates the affairs of other countries.
superpowerful combined form of powerful.