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supple easily curved or bent; flexible. [4 definitions]
supplement something necessary to complete a whole or make up for a deficiency. [3 definitions]
supplementary of the nature of or serving as a supplement; additional.
supplementary angle one of two angles that equal 180 degrees when added together.
suppliant a person who makes a heartfelt request. [2 definitions]
supplicant requesting in a submissive way; supplicating. [2 definitions]
supplicate to request something humbly and beseechingly. [3 definitions]
supplication a petition, request, or prayer. [2 definitions]
supplier a person or organization that supplies items or services to others, usually by selling them.
supply1 to provide (what is wanted or required). [9 definitions]
supply2 in a supple manner.
supply chain the entire sequence of steps that are involved in manufacturing goods and bringing them to the consumer.
supply-side of or designating an economic theory that lowering taxes increases productivity by causing an increase in investment.
support to bear (a weight or load). [10 definitions]
supportable capable of being tolerated or supported; endurable.
supporter one who agrees with or adheres to a cause, idea, person, or group, esp. one who gives active support. [3 definitions]
supporting in theater and film, designating a performer or role less important than the lead or leads.
supportive providing support, assistance, or encouragement.
suppose to assume (something) as true for the sake of argument or illustration. [4 definitions]
supposed assumed to be true, without factual certainty. [5 definitions]
supposedly according to what people say or suppose; allegedly.