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surfeit an extra or excessive amount; oversupply; surplus. [4 definitions]
surffish any of various fishes of the shallow Pacific coastal waters of North America.
surfing the sport of riding the crests of waves as they break near the shore, usu. on a surfboard.
surfperch any of various fishes of shallow Pacific coastal waters of North America that bear live young; surffish.
surfy of, like, or making surf. [2 definitions]
surge a strong, forceful forward motion, like that of a wave; rush. [6 definitions]
surgeon a medical doctor who specializes in surgery.
surgeon general the highest officer in the medical department of the U.S. Army, Navy, or Air Force. [2 definitions]
surgery the field of medicine that treats disease, physical complaints, and injury with medical operations. [6 definitions]
surgical of, involving, or used in surgery. [3 definitions]
Suriname a country in northeastern South America on the Atlantic between Guyana and French Guiana.
surly ill-tempered and rude; unfriendly.
surmise to infer without certain knowledge; suppose; guess. [3 definitions]
surmount to get over or past; overcome; conquer. [2 definitions]
surmountable combined form of surmount.
surname the name that distinguishes one as part of a particular family, as opposed to one's given name; family name; last name. [2 definitions]
surpass to go past or beyond in degree or quantity; be greater or larger than. [3 definitions]
surpassable combined form of surpass.
surpassing exceeding others in a particular quality or characteristic; exceptional.
surplice a white gown with full sleeves and a loose fit that is worn over a cassock by the clergy in some religious services.
surplus the quantity that exceeds what is needed or required; an extra amount. [3 definitions]