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suspensory serving to support, hold up, or suspend, as a ligament or muscle. [4 definitions]
suspensory ligament a ligament or tissue that supports an organ or part of the body, such as that which supports the eye's lens.
suspicion the act or an instance of suspecting. [5 definitions]
suspicious tending to cause or evoke questions or doubt. [3 definitions]
Sussex spaniel any of a breed of spaniel dog originally bred in Sussex, England, having a silky golden to reddish brown coat, long ears, and short legs.
sustain to provide with the basic necessities of life. [8 definitions]
sustainable capable of being sustained. [2 definitions]
sustainable agriculture a method of agriculture that allows a farmer to produce crops and raise livestock without damaging the farm as an ecosystem, thus allowing for a conserved or improved natural resource base to be passed on to subsequent generations of farmers.
sustainable development a process of social and economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, esp. with respect to natural resource depletion and environmental pollution.
sustainer someone or something that sustains.
sustaining program a television or radio program that is funded by the station or network on which it airs rather than by commercial sponsors.
sustenance nourishment that maintains life; food. [2 definitions]
susurrate to make a soft whispering or rustling sound.
susurrus a soft whispering or rustling sound.
sutler formerly, a person who followed an army from place to place to sell the soldiers liquor, food, or the like.
sutra in Hinduism, a precept for right conduct, or esp. a collection of such. [2 definitions]
suttee an old Hindu custom, now banned in India, in which a widow would allow herself to be cremated alive upon her husband's funeral pyre.
suture the act or process of surgically joining or sewing together the edges of a wound, incision, or the like. [5 definitions]
SUV abbreviation of "sport-utility vehicle," a passenger vehicle that combines the seating capacity of a large car or van with the power of a truck.
Suva the capital of Fiji.
suzerain a ruler or state that exercises authority over the international affairs of another state. [2 definitions]